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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

I’ve spent the last two months on and off the road, travelling to and from Chicago for job interviews.

I have no qualms about admitting that I have more than a light wanderfoot. I am rarely more happy now that I’ve reached my maturity then when I am travelling. I am more creative, less hidebound, and a lot more active. For someone who has been described by a hiring manager as being ‘shy & retiring,’ this may be odd.

The travel that I’ve done recently has corresponded with my first published work in years. I collaborated on the Life of Pine, available through the Riverside Arts Center or the artist, Dennis Gordon. I am currently editing another professional project.

My personal projects are also on the rise. I’ve decided to participate in one of the BigBangs over the summer, as well as work on book II of my Marchaue series.  I have two other projects on my plate, neither of which are developed enough to mention.

Yes, I’ll readily admit that I’m interested in a beta for the Justified fandom. My editing skills are beyond my own reproach, except that over time I’ve realized that aside from SPAG, I’m useless at seeing minor plot issues in my own work. Someone else’s, not a problem. But as the author, I often have backstory that I may not have included that apply to a situation.

I’m working on it, but given the BigBang project’s requirements, is anyone interested in working with me as a beta on a Justified fandom story.


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