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Travelling! Going Visiting! Going where No Gordon Has Gone Before [By Herself]!

Yes, you read that right!

Zee optimouse is going travelling, akin to taking a year on the Continent, I suppose.

I really should stop talking about myself in the third person. On Monday, I'm leaving the United States via Detroit Metro Airport, and flying to London, into Heathrow Airport. I will be staying with family in London for a few days, and then the true adventuring will begin as I head to Scotland. Glasgow first, then Inverness. I went to Leakey's the last time I was in Scotland, so I will be going there again. An extra-ordinarily sized used bookstore...let me say Au-Revoir to my positive bank balance.

From Inverness...perhaps to Edinburgh.

I will also be going to Chester, Stratford upon Avon, and maybe a swift trip through Bath. After that? I'm still trying to figure everything out. I will be spending time with a close friend in Switzerland for a weekend.

This means two things! One! I will be working on my second novel as I am currently working my way through the second chapter. Two! I will be needing advice on where to go! Does anyone have any thoughts on things a classicist and a political theory BA might enjoy in Northern France/Switzerland/England/Wales/Scotland
d? I'm traveling for pleasure through work so I can greater understand what I'm writing on.

Also of interest: extended family members have asked that I send out a travelogue of where I've gone and what I've seen. I'll be setting up a separate account, not on dreamwidth, to hold this travelogue. If anyone's interested I could either send the link to you or post the link here. I will not have a reciprocal link on that blog to my dreamwidth account.

Thank you!


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